For Undergraduate Students: To be eligible for initiation into the Georgia Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi as an undergraduate you must:

  1. Be enrolled as an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech in an eligible engineering degree program. (Eligible degree programs: AE, BME, CE, ChBE, CompE, EE, EnvE, IE, ME, MSE, NRE).
  2. Be in the top 1/8th of your Junior class, or the top 1/5th of your senior class.
  3. Demonstrate exemplary character.

All students who meet the first two requirements will receive a notification of their scholastic eligibility by mail or email during the first few weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Scholastically eligible students will be invited to an information session to learn about the remainder of the initiation process. The third requirement will be evaluated by the members of the chapter by assigning several projects to the candidates. The character evaluation process may change from semester to semester. 

For Graduate Students: Please contact the VP of Membership to express your interest in joining Tau Beta Pi as a graduate student.