About Us

The Georgia Tech Tau Beta Pi chapter, the Georgia Alpha chapter, was founded on February 6, 1925 and has since been made up of a wide range of students throughout the entire College of Engineering. Our mission is to recognize, celebrate, and champion the engineering profession. We represent this mission with four pillars:

  1. Engineering: Our chapter aims to support the engineering discipline as well as build around Tau Beta Pi within the engineering and Georgia Tech community.
  2. Professionalism: Our chapter aims to aid our members in developing corporate connections as well as preparing them for their careers.
  3. Camaraderie: In order for our chapter to remain strong and active, we recognize the importance of strengthening the relationships between members, officers, and initiates and try our best to bring the chapter together.
  4. Philanthropy: Our chapter focuses on STEM related service projects to give back to a community that has enriched our lives and enabled us to pursue STEM related fields.